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Tables of Contents


The Monthly New-Fiction Tasting

Every month, we gather a handful of the most exciting literary talents around (really truly world-class, we’re so lucky) and ask them to read a piece of new work that alludes to food before a small audience. Then chef Evan Hanczor cooks a tasting menu with a course corresponding to each reading. After, Evan leads all the authors in an intimate, wide-ranging conversation about their writing practice, their quirky eating habits, the intersections of food and art, and more.


jenny xie, franny choi & rebecca godfrey



Literary Feasts

Our literary dinners are multi-course affairs, each course inspired by the syntax, imagery, and feelings of a selection of scenes. We’ve cooked meals inspired by To Kill A Mockingbird, The Member of the Wedding, Their Eyes Were Watching God, My Side of the Mountain, Tender Buttons, Black Leopard Red Wolf, and more.


Other Collaborations

We also step beyond the literary and into conversations and collaboration with other artists. Special projects have included a dinner for trustees of SFMOMA based on the work of Spencer Finch, and teamed up with poets and performance artists for an immersive Tender Buttons dinner at the O MIAMI festival. We also have collabs-in-progress with playwrights, composers, musicians, and performance artists, and are available to collaborate on custom dinners or events with individual artists, nonprofits, and corporations.


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